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5 Reasons to Record in a Studio

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

The music industry is constantly changing. With the advancement of modern technology, many companies are able to release various consumer level audio recording products and equipment. That being said, why record in an expensive studio? At this point in time, anybody could easily go on internet and watch videos on how to mix and master their tracks and get that "professional" sound. Yet this can only get you so far especially for the inexperienced.

1. Audio Engineer

A professional recording studio is typically managed by an engineer or team of engineers. More than likely, these individuals possess years of experience working with audio equipment or are even artists themselves. An engineer will ensure the highest quality recording, and be able to do it quickly. Their job is to make you, the artist, sound as good as possible. After all, you are the one hiring this person and the studio to help shape and perfect the vision you have when it comes to your music.

2. Equipment

The equipment and software used in a professional studio will be above consumer level. A low or mid budget based home studio lacks the necessary equipment to provide you industry standard.

Pro studios come equipped with high quality microphones that serve different purposes. Whether you are recording drums or vocals, pro studios will have the right mic for any circumstance.

Many studios also have outboard gear such as compressors and preamps. Although there are many modern digital only studios that depend on plugins; they simply do not compare to the warm and intricate details that come from outboard gear.

3. Package Deals

A modern business is not complete without its special deals. Pro recording studios will often package their recording services with other media based services such as photography or videography, or even printing services. These additional services are usually in the same venue; therefore, providing you a one-stop-shop. As an artist, it is in your best interest to take advantage of these extra services especially for marketing yourself on social media platforms.

4. Vibes

Nothing beats the atmosphere in a studio. Engineers go the extra mile when it comes to making their studios feel comfortable for sessions. The idea is to make sure that you as the artist feel motivated and comfortable enough to create. There are sometimes game systems, and streaming services available to keep guests busy, and distractions to a minimum.

5. Networking

Many studios participate in showcase events. Because of this, they have connections to local producers, or artists that may be of assistance to you. If you are just beginning your career, then it is extremely important to take advantage of a networking opportunity. Establishing rapport with a producer, or vice-versa, will assist you in finding "your sound". The only way to stand out as an artist is to be original. Two minds are better than one.

I can assure you. An artist recruiter is less likely to recruit you out of your home, than if you were out performing. It is important as an artist to get involved with the industry as much as possible. A professional studio is your "Golden Ticket" to all the opportunities.

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